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Vacations we have taken since I started shooting digital

In the past when we have taken vacations (I am the official family photographer), it was always a challenge to get our photos developed and printed and put into an album, or to use slide film and try to put together some kind of a presentation that people might be interested in seeing

Then came digital. I started with some of the more basic point and shoot cameras but soon graduated into more and more sophisticated SLRs, with capabilities that really put my photo taking skills to the test.

Along with photo editing software (I currently use Photoshop CS2 for most of my editing, but also use other, simpler programs, especially for organizing and distributing family and vacation photos), and the wonderful capabilities of the web, it is now much easier to share our experiences with others.

After much experience using the current technologies, I have reached the point of finally being willing to start publishing my photos, although I still feel I have a long, long way to go to get to the level of what you see done on a professional level.

We hope you enjoy this travelogue and to let us know what you would like to see more of, please use the Contact Us link above.

Thanks to the following for their contributions:

  • Leticia (of course)
  • Larry (of course)
  • Jim Coffinberry (brother)
  • Lizette Estrada (Leticia's daughter)
  • And the grandkids:
    1. Anthony
    2. Joshua
    3. Omar

Some Very Favorite Photos

Below are links to some of our very favorite photos from recent trips.

San Quintin, Baja California

Butchart Gardens, BC, Canada

St Kitts, East Indies

St Kitts, East Indies

Old Juan, Puerto Rico